Gas Tank Explosion
In the event of an accident, a faulty fuel tank can turn a small car crash into a fiery nightmare, inflicting serious injuries or death if an explosion occurs.
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It may sound like a scene from an action movie, but a gas tank explosion is a common occurrence that alters the lives of drivers and passengers every year across the country.

Causes of Gas Tank Fires

The importance of a gas tank to a vehicle involves more than just providing the fuel needed to travel. Gas tanks are sensitive, and defects create the potential for a deadly situation.


A vehicle’s gas tank should always be positioned in front of the rear axle. When a gas tank is improperly placed, passengers are at risk for a car fire or explosion. The positioning of a gas tank is crucial in shielding highly flammable gas from reacting in the event of a collision.

Defective Construction

In addition to physical positioning, gas tanks should also be outfitted with materials that minimize the potential for fire or explosion. Materials such as fuel cell barriers and anti-puncture shields protect a fuel tank. Automakers that fail to include these added protections, or do so with inadequate materials that cannot sustain the impact of a collision, are knowingly putting the lives of vehicle occupants at risk. Furthermore, irresponsible placement of rods and brackets with the potential to puncture the fuel tank are also flaws in construction and design that can lead to a fatal vehicle fire.

Ruptured Fuel Lines

A fuel line connects the gas tank to the engine, transporting fuel. Ruptured fuel lines are one of the most common causes of car fires and explosions, as the improper transfer of fuel within a vehicle can result in combustion.

Punctured Gas Tanks

Punctured fuel tanks are a top reason for car fires and explosions. When a gas tank is punctured, leaking fuel can easily ignite regardless of whether or not there is a collision. The impact of a collision can cause punctured and unsecured fuel tanks to combust. Fuel tank fires and explosions involve violent and fast-acting fuel agents, which can result in some of the most serious injuries associated with auto accidents.

Car Fire Injuries

Life altering injuries suffered by victims of car fires and explosions can forever change lives in the blink of an eye. Injuries sustained in car fires can prevent a person from ever working again and/or require years of intense physical therapy or prolonged medical care.

Common injuries associated with fuel tank fires and explosions include:

  • Severe third and fourth degree burns
  • Deep lacerations
  • Amputations
  • Wrongful death

Texas Vehicle Fire Lawyer

Automakers have a responsibility to consumers to ensure vehicles are designed and manufactured in compliance with auto safety regulations and guidelines. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a malfunctioning or defective fuel tank, you do not have to fight large automakers alone. John Flood has successfully handled vehicle fire claims for over 30 years and stands ready to fight for victims whose rights have been violated by negligent automakers.

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