Bus Accidents
From public transportation to private travel tours, buses are essential fixtures in every day life for many Americans.

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Transportation by bus can connect communities and cities across Texas, where access to public transportation options such as subways and trains is limited or nonexistent. While the benefits of public transportation are present, it does come at a cost to citizens. According to a report produced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 4,455 fatal large truck and bus accidents occurred in 2017. This was an 8% increase over the previous year and a dramatic 42% increase over the past decade dating back to 2009. As cities across Texas grow in size and population, more commuters are turning to bus transportation for travel. With an increase in accidents among buses, more needs to be done to protect the safety of bus passengers and those who share the road with them.

Causes of Bus Accidents

Buses are governed by a strict set of safety guidelines for a reason. By design, they are large vehicles capable of carrying a high volume of passengers and their belongings. This means that when buses are involved in an accident, they have a greater potential to inflict serious injuries than a passenger vehicle. There is an increased sense of danger associated with bus accidents due to the amount of passengers a bus can carry and thus potentially harm.

Driver Error

A bus carrying passengers can only be as safe as the driver steering it. Drivers who are fatigued, impaired, distracted, and/or inadequately trained are more likely to make errors that could result in an accident. Additionally, drivers engaging in distracted driving behaviors are less likely to pay attention to the road and thus can’t react in a timely manner. A bus’s weight and size will not allow it to stop in the same manner as a passenger vehicle; this means driving a bus requires the full attention of the bus driver driver at all times. Bus drivers are responsible for not only the lives of their passengers but those who share the road with them. Employers should offer proper and routine training to all bus drivers.

Improper Maintenance

Buses of all types – school, charter, or public – require routine inspections and maintenance in order to run properly. When maintenance is overlooked, bus passengers suffer. Preventable mechanical problems can inflict serious damage when buses are not serviced regularly. A school bus with faulty breaks could turn tragic in seconds if the driver has to brake quickly, as buses can lack passenger safety features such as seatbelts and airbags.

External Factors

External factors can also influence a bus on the road. When cities fail to maintain roads, potholes and other debris can cause fatal bus accidents. Buses are not able to swerve to avoid striking objects as adeptly as passenger vehicles. Additionally, the sudden movements of buses can dramatically impact passengers by throwing them around inside of the cabin or even possibly ejecting them. Buses rely on adequate traffic signs signaling changes in the road ahead, such as speed, curves, or construction, to safely transport passengers.

Corpus Christi Bus Accident Attorneys

All bus passengers deserve to arrive safely at their destinations. Buses are powerful vehicles that can injure or kill when not handled properly. If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed in a bus accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Bus accidents cases can be complex legal battles that require the guidance and experience of a seasoned trial attorney like John Flood.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bus Accidents

What happens if a bus gets in an accident?

If a bus gets in an accident, the potential for harm is great since a vehicle of its size can hold a large number of passengers. The cause of the accident will need to be determined, both by the police or other authorities and by an expert your lawyer will hire to assist with the analysis of your case. Obtaining as much information as possible and as you are physically able at the scene, including photos, contact information, and more, can be incredibly helpful to your case.

Can you sue a bus driver?

If you were injured as a bus passenger, you may be able to sue a bus driver as part of a bus accident lawsuit. In order to recover financial compensation for your damages, you will need to prove the bus driver and/or bus operator were negligent. However, if the bus driver caused the accident while on the job, their employer may be liable for their actions. Suing the employer is often preferable as the company will be required to carry more insurance coverage than a driver and thus have the funds available to pay you for your losses.

How can bus accidents be prevented?

Bus accidents can be prevented by using safety technologies like advanced driver-assistance systems and pedestrian detection. Additionally, drivers must ensure they are not driving while fatigued, occupants should have proper crash protection, and improved federal oversight of motorcoach operators can all help prevent bus accidents. Bus companies with repeated offenses and violations must be fined and forced to bring their fleet into compliance with modern safety standards.

Who is responsible if I get hit by a bus?

In a bus accident, multiple parties can be responsible, including the bus driver, a private bus company, the government if they own/operate the bus, a third-party driver, the bus manufacturer, and more. Only through a thorough investigation into the cause of a bus accident can you know who is truly legally responsible for a crash. An experienced bus accident lawyer will be able to identify all potentially responsible parties and pursue your lawsuit against everyone who may owe you compensation for your damages.

What should I do if I were in a bus accident?

If you were in a bus accident, you should call emergency services and report the crash to law enforcement, seek immediate medical attention, document the accident scene, and protect your legal rights by contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer. The most important thing to do after a bus accident, however, is to ensure your safety by moving away from the dangers of the accident scene if you are physically able and getting evaluated by the medical professionals on site as soon as possible.

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