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What to Do After Being Injured at Work

It’s a common misconception that workplace accidents only occur in a select few dangerous occupations; unfortunately, these accidents can happen to anyone at any time regardless of occupation. Because employers are hesitant to discuss workplace injuries, many employees are left unprepared for and unsure of how to begin to pick up the pieces being hurt on the job. Workers can help protect themselves and their loved ones by learning what to do following a work injury to ensure an employer or insurance provider does not take advantage of them. 

Post-Workplace Accident Checklist

The actions that an injured employee takes following his or her workplace accident are crucial not only in terms of their health and safety but also as far as how it affects them financially and emotionally. In Texas, a victim has a limited time period within which to act following their injury, which makes the decisions of an injured employee that much more important. We recommend that those injured on the job take the following steps after a workplace accident, provided they are physically able:

  1. Immediately following any workplace accident, the employee involved should seek appropriate medical care. Employees may fail to receive proper medical treatment in a timely manner due to employer restrictions on which providers they can see. Workplace accidents can cause a surge of emotions, including adrenaline, which can mask the pain caused by serious injuries. Additionally, an employee could suffer a severe injury like internal bleeding of which they remain unaware. 
  2. After receiving proper medical treatment, the worker must report the incident to their employer. It is crucial to file an accident report or incident report with the employer or jobsite operator as soon as possible following an accident. An accident report can serve as proof the incident that caused injury or death did in fact occur should an employer later attempt to dodge responsibility. 
  3. Hiring quality legal representation is recommended as soon as possible following a work accident so the victim’s rights are protected. Often, in the case of workplace accidents, large corporations and even larger insurance companies take advantage of injured employees. Fear of employer retaliation can also cause a victim to be shortchanged in financial compensation for their damages. An experienced workplace accident attorney like John Flood has successfully advocated for workplace accident victims for years.
  4. Following the decision to hire quality counsel, a victim should document as much about their accident and injuries as possible. Not only will this information be beneficial to mapping out a timeline in the workplace accident case, but it will also serve to document important information and details that can easily be forgotten by overwhelmed victims. Physically recording what the victim remembers about their job injury is an important step in the claims process and throughout litigation. 
  5. Lastly, it is strongly recommended that workplace accident victims do not discuss their accident or related matters to anyone but their own lawyer. Victims must alert their attorney (and request their attorney be present) if they are being pressured to sign a document or to give a statement regarding their accident to anyone affiliated with an entity that could be held responsible for their injuries, including insurance providers and medical professionals. 

Corpus Christi Workplace Injury Attorney 

Corpus Christi is home to thriving industrial, energy, and transportation industries that require a lot of manpower. While this is great for Corpus Christi employers and their companies, it often comes at the expense of employee safety. Far too often, Corpus Christi workers are injured on the job due to unfit working conditions and employer negligence. No employee should ever fear for their safety while at work. If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed in a Corpus Christi workplace accident, contact experienced trial attorney John Flood today to discuss your case at no cost. Call (361) 654-8877 for a free initial case evaluation. There is limited time to act, so don’t delay.