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What to Do After an Industrial Accident

Texas workplaces can be dangerous, even more so in an industrial setting. Industrial work is one of the most dangerous ways to make a living, coming with a greater risk of catastrophic injury or death than other jobs. A variety of factors can cause industrial accidents, and many variables can contribute to or affect their severity. One such factor is timing. In fact, Monday has consistently been the day of the week with the most on-the-job injuries for the past several years.

When such an injury occurs, the affected worker needs to first ensure his or her own health and safety, seeking out urgent medical care as needed. Once stable, an injured worker and his or her family should take the following steps after an industrial accident:

  1. Report the Incident. Even if you verbally convey the fact you’ve been hurt at work, you should also make sure to complete any applicable paper or electronic forms. Many employers limit the amount of time you have to complete or file an accident report. Waiting too long could jeopardize your chances of receiving financial assistance for your injury recovery.
  2. Receive Thorough Medical Care. Even if the initial examination seems thorough, always follow up afterward if issues persist. Going back to work before you are thoroughly healed can have permanently disabling consequences. It is also important to let every medical provider you see know that your injuries are work-related.
  3. Keep Daily Records. Keeping track of your case-related expenses, daily symptoms, and how the incident has affected your life will help prove your eventual claim for damages. If your employer subscribes to workers’ compensation, you will need this information. Even if your employer doesn’t subscribe to workers’ compensation, having a detailed record will help bolster your negligence claims against those responsible for your injuries.
  4. Contact an Industrial Accident Lawyer. Once an injured worker takes care of their own health and starts the road to recovery, the last thing they need is to add on additional stress. Navigating workers’ compensation can be confusing and stressful – and in Texas, your employer doesn’t even have to subscribe to it.  Insurance adjusters are trained to take recorded statements that can be used against you, so you need experienced help on your side as well. 

Texas Industrial Accident Attorney

When a Texas worker goes to work each day, they generally shouldn’t be concerned they will get injured in an accident. While certain jobs do come with more risk than others, even these professions should have proper safety protocols in place to protect workers Even with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and state statutes requiring specific workplace safety measures, industrial accidents continue to cause a high rate of catastrophic injuries across the country.

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