Holiday Travel Tips
Motor Vehicle Accidents

Holiday Travel Tips

For most travelers – especially during the coronavirus pandemic – going home for the holidays means hitting the road in a car, motorcycle, van, bus, or other motor vehicle, leading to more crowded highways. Unpredictable winter weather can affect holiday travel, along with other drivers who overindulge. Car travel in even a “normal” year comes with its own dangers. In fact, statistics show someone dies in a car crash every 24 seconds. Other common causes of holiday accidents include road congestion, stress, and road rage.

In order to keep yourself, your loved ones, and others on the holiday roads safe, here are 10 holiday travel tips.

How To Get Your Car Ready For Road Travel

Performing regular car maintenance before your road trip can help ensure your vehicle is ready for the ride. Even though it’s not possible to prevent every potential car malfunction, performing the following holiday travel vehicle preparations can go a long way toward keeping your road trip going smoothly:

  • Check Car Battery
  • Check and Adjust Fluids
  • Check all Vehicle Lights
  • Inspect Tires
  • Pack a Fire Extinguisher
  • Due to COVID-19, Pack Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, Masks, and Cleaning Wipes

Holiday Road Travel Safety Tips

There are many precautions that must be considered when traveling at this time of the year, including:

  • Clean Out Your Vehicle: Clean the interior before you head out, paying close attention to seats, floor mats, storage areas, and dashboard controls. Organize your car’s interior before you leave, so looking for items while driving doesn’t become a problem. Be sure to have a designated trash bag or receptacle to keep your interior clean and distraction-free.
  • Keep a Vehicle Disaster Kit: Be sure to have the typical first aid kit items, but also include blankets, an old towel, flashlight, jumper cables, duct tape, a car jack, a spare tire, and a cellphone charger. 
  • Check The Forecast: Check the weather forecast before you hit the road. You don’t want to be caught off guard by a winter storm or road closures in the middle of your road trip.
  • Drive Safely: Maintain a safe following distance, don’t speed, avoid distractions, wear seat belts, and follow any and all other rules of the road for each area you drive through. Also, be sure to keep your vehicle full of gas so you don’t wind up with a dead vehicle in an area without a nearby service station. You can also preset your Waze app or vehicle navigation system before you start driving to avoid the distraction of having to deal with it

Texas Car Crash Lawyer

Put down your cell phone, keep your eyes on the road, and always observe safe driving practices. While these things may seem simple, they can save lives. If you’ve been injured in a holiday car accident, please contact John T. Flood today. We are always here for you and there is no cost to get a free consultation. If you decide to hire us, you pay us nothing up front, and you will pay absolutely nothing at all unless we win your case. Flood Trial Lawyers’ experienced Texas car accident attorney is ready to discuss any questions you may have regarding your accident injuries today.