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Products Liability

What Does a Products Liability Lawyer Do?

The role of a products liability lawyer is to serve consumers who have been victims of defective products by pursuing product designers, manufacturers, and supply chain partners. Because products liability claims can span such diverse products and industries, it’s important that your legal representation is equipped to handle your particular case. In order to hire effective counsel, potential plaintiffs should learn about the responsibilities of a product liability lawyer and how they serve their clients.

How Products Liability Differs

Products liability refers to the responsibility manufacturers and their related supply chain partners have regarding the products they design, manufacture, and distribute to the public. Every year, countless individuals become victims of defective consumer products, suffering property damage, severe physical injuries, or even being killed by faulty products. The types of product defects that give rise to a claim include:

  • Design Defects: In a design defect claim, the complaining party is alleging the product was poorly designed and not properly vetted before being made available to the public. Design defects typically affect large quantities of products and usually involve mass recalls.
  • Manufacturing Defects: When an error occurs at some point during the production of a product, making it dangerous and defective, this is a manufacturing defect.
  • Marketing Defects: If the product’s purpose, proper use, and associated warnings are not clearly expressed on the product, it has a marketing defect. These product defects often apply to warning labels, instructions, or failure to include a message clarifying the results used in product marketing.

A key aspect of the role of a products liability lawyer is to work with their clients to collect information and evidence in order to determine the route for pursuing liability. This is an important step in the process because the attorney’s skill, ability, and experience in similar matters will dictate a roadmap to success for the client. Trained counsel will also know how to immediately implement the necessary investigations to prove liability.

Responsibilities of a Products Liability Lawyer

Regardless of the nature of a defect, products liability lawyers represent the consumers who used the defective product and suffered damages. Their goals are to recover financial compensation or other damages for victims while also ensuring further defective products do not reach the hands of more consumers.

Products liability lawyers are extremely important to consumer safety as they keep manufacturers and other companies involved accountable for the products they sell to consumers. Successful defective product lawsuits often result in increased scrutiny of the design and testing processes of a product, as well as increased enforcement of safety standards during production. Additionally, successfully pursuing a case may also ensure the responsible parties address consumer safety in resolving defective product issues.

Products Liability Lawyer

Products liability lawsuits are complex and usually involve multiple large companies potentially responsible for defects. For this reason, it’s important to carefully select legal counsel with quality experience successfully handling products liability cases. No consumer should be afraid or financially unable to hold a company accountable due to its size and power. Every victim of a defective consumer product should have his or her voice heard so more consumers are not affected. John Flood has successfully represented victims of defective products for decades and he would be honored to help you and your loved ones as well. If you have any questions or would like to speak to an experienced attorney, contact John Flood today.